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Key Services

X-Cel Training

provides bespoke training courses for media of all kinds - however by far the most popular is the 'exclusive' Football Law for Media course.

 Football Law for Media - When is a player interfering with play? Why does the linesman always put his flag up late? Why isn't that a handball?  These are all typical questions you hear in broadcasts around the world - but wouldn't it be much better to hear your team explain why, rather than pose the question. 'Laws for Media' has been designed and is delivered by a former Category 1 referee who just happens to have 30 years full-time broadcasting and media experience. 'The perfect marriage!'

This is a must do course for anyone involved in reporting or commentating on the game and we have both the refereeing and media experience to marry it together! Your team don't need it? Take a look at the video here  at the world's best getting it wrong!

In-the-Field Reporting - Microphone Technique, Colour, What makes a Story, Looking for Angles, Interview Technique, Script Writing, etc, all essential parts of making a good piece, but has your staff mastered this?

Broadcast Journalism - Forever correcting your team's writing, some staff fail to nail the story in the top line, emphasis put on the wrong key word - these are all major elements to a good report/report. You can have the best material possible, but if you don't package it correctly - the bulletin/report still suffers.

Cricket for Yanks - yes it is possible for Americans to understand the game, we've taught full production teams and they just about get it - it's the bit that goes... "One team goes out so they're in, and, once they get out they come in!" That's what throws them!


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