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Key Services

Football Law For Media

Laws For Media

A truly unique resource Laws for Mediafor reporters, commentators, pundits, presenters and even backroom staff.  If your business is football media, written or broadcast, you need your front line staff to be accurate and knowledgable. If not, it can be embarrassing and damaging to your reputation.

Launched in 2010 and already delivered across 4 continents, it has been received with great acclaim, 'Laws for Media' is possibly the first ever instance of a happy marriage between professional game refereeing and the media! Designed and delivered by former international referee, FA National Referee Instructor and full-time TV and Radio Presenter/Commentator Dave Roberts.

Time and time again you read or hear the experts offering opinions of why the referee got it wrong, well guess what, when it comes to the BIG decisions - it's the media that gets it wrong most of the time, misleading your customers at the same time. 'Laws for Media' uses the same knowledge and resources professional game referees use - supplying your team the knowledge and expertise to say why the ref made the decision (rightly or wrongly), FACT! 

A fully interactive full day interactive training resource 'Laws for Media' isn't interested in the width of the touchline or what 4 shapes the goalpost can be, however, it does dive headfirst into what is directly relevant to the reporter/commentator's job, the juicy parts of the law book, i.e. OFFSIDE, DIRECT OBVIOUS GOALSCORING OPPORTUNITY, PENALTY KICK, FREE KICK, etc. 

Changes this year to 'DOGSO' allowing a yellow card to be given as well as red for the same offence has confused things further, as well as a penalty kick being awarded when players are off the pitch. We also enter the secret world of the referee's signals so your team can immediately spot what the officials have awarded, and, there's the matter of how referees are trained and how they are directed to apply law.

Ignorance is bliss in the football world, around 90% of experts base their knowledge on past experience and hearsay - have you heard the great one liners, "30 seconds is added on for every substitution", "Deliberate handball is a yellow card", "He has to be sent off as he was the last man". All are incorrecUli Hoenesst, as was former German World Cup winner Uli Hoeness when saying Franck Ribery's Champions League red card was wrong as "the foul came from the front!"

Don't believe it? Check out the video above!

All of these issues and many more are dealt with in our day long course. We can even bring in a current or former top flight referee to discuss what goes on, on the field, to allow a better understanding of the officials actions.

“The ‘Laws For Media’ seminar is a must for all TV producers, directors and commentators. The results of our seminar were immediately measurable. In the days following the course, several members of our on-air team made direct reference in commentary to what they had learned. The seminar was also very valuable to our crew behind the scenes, who need to provide our commentators with the right camera angles and replays of key events to ensure a successful broadcast. I highly recommend the course to all broadcasters that aim to deliver accurate and insightful Football coverage." - Adam Cox, Deputy Executive Producer, Football. 

X-CEL will bring this unique course into the workplace for larger corporate bodies who have a number of staff they would like to benefit. We also hold 'open' courses where individuals can register and join in the fun. We guarantee, everyone will learn something!  Please contact X-CEL for more details of 'Laws for Media!'.

                                                                                           Rubber stamped by The Football Association  -  

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